DIY: Dog Kennel Furniture.

Having dogs is a must for me. I have 2 vibrant and wonderful GSD (German Shepherd Dog) pups and they are my world. An animal in your household is family, not a wet blanket, so make sure you treat them well. If you want to make them feel more “at home” then I suggest integrating dog kennel furniture. It’s creative and can look nice if you do it right. Today we build a piece for my office so that they have their own little space. 🙂

This is a rehomerance Rustic Heavy Duty Dog Crate Furniture.

First we unpack:

dog kennel furniture unpack

The kennel comes packed well and has all the items you need for setup. Here’s a shot of the fastener kits and instructions:

We start by attaching the front “french doors” piece to the floor piece:

Attach the sides, I found that the doors wouldn’t stay closed, so I used some packing style tape to hold them closed while I put it together:

I closed the doors and turned it on it’s face to put the back piece on:

Then put it back normally to attach the roof:

Once the roof is attached we can move onto latches and latch receivers. I installed the latches and receivers using a power drill with my clutch set at 4 so that I wouldn’t over-strip the screws and still get a reliable tighten. The receivers were not “exact” and I had to use pliers to “fine tune” them into proper molded position. Here are some shots:

Install the inside door stops. This allows you to keep one door closed on the french door side.

The instructions have you install teh feet near last, but I did them dead last because it was easier to manipulate the kennel this way.

Here’s the finished product. It fit perfect in my office. It was out of the way of wall outlets and other smart wiring I have done.

Here’s a shot of the side door that also opens. Very convenient:

Nice snug fit, and out of the way so pups/dogs/ can’t claw or chew at wall outlets.

I love this kennel for it’s nice look and integration. The dual set of doors is an excellent feature. Especially since you can put the single swinging door on either side of the kennel for increased versatility. My boys love it!



I put a Kong bed on the inside as I didn’t want my boys to develop wear on their legs from laying on such a hard surface:





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