Tire Dolly’s are the Best.

I recently purchased some tire dolly’s to help move around stacks of tires I keep in the garage. I used to keep them on a shelf and it’s a pain in the ass moving them up and down every season. These babies are a great and inexpensive way to easily move a stack of tires around.

tire dolly arrival

This is a top view of the Dolly (after unpackaging). The casters and equipment are stored nicely in the center.

Using a 1/2 (.5) inch socket wrench I mounted the casters to the dolly and I was off and running. For those that aren’t sure how far to tighten these, I found that hand tightening at first then wrench tightening to medium tension, then a final 3/4 (.75) turn was sufficient.

tire dolly center open

tire dolly final

You can get these almost anywhere here are a few links to get you started:

AmazonHome DepotGoogle